We are so often shaped into a collection of perspectives and influences that make us mimic others in the hope that we can find ourselves… I did that and then I stopped and did the opposite and then eventually I just did me.

The truth of the matter is that we have different personality types, physical attributes, talents, believes and aspirations that we should harness and live out. Although our past can bear some burdens, it also instills character and values in our lives, which differentiates us from the rest of the world.

Regardless of whether or not you and I believe that we are special… WE ARE and the combination of your looks, talents and personality is the fuel that will drive you to your dreams and aspirations. Wouldn’t it be an ideal world to live in perfect peace, having unexplainable joy and influencing the lives of others in a way that brings out their potential?

I might not be able to hand this ideal gift to you all wrapped with a bow around but I can walk the journey with you in discovering the beauty and strength that lays dormant, waiting to be discovered.

Life Coaching

R550 per hour

* Packages are in development & will be made available soon!

“Peace doesn’t lay in the avoidance of expectations, it lays in the acceptance of the unknown outcome”
– Rynhard Basson


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